Current Members

The Executive Board of Zeta Xi

President: Elizabeth Raymond

Nickname: Madam Vastra

Candidate Class: Beta Tau (BT)

Major: Music Education

Instrument: Flute


Vice President of Membership (VPM) and Guardian of Sisterhood (GOS): Keala Young

Nickname: Kiara
Candidate Class: Beta Tau (BT)
Major: Kinesiology
Instrument: Flute


Secretary and Treasurer: Duncan Hammitt
Nickname: C-3PO
Candidate Class: Beta Pi (BΠ)
Major: Electrical Engineering
Instrument: Bass, Tuba
Past Offices: Historian (2014-2015)
Treasurer (2015-2016)
Parliamentarian (2015-2016)

Parliamentarian: Laura Watkins
Nickname: Queen of Hearts
Candidate Class: Beta Lamda (BL)
Major: Environmental Science
Instrument: Clarinet
Past Offices: Secretary (2013-2014) & Sergeant of Arms (SAA) (2011-2012)

Historian: Vacant



Zenia Orozco
Nickname: Katniss
Candidate Class: Beta Sigma (BΣ)
Major: Biotechnology
Instrument: Colorguard


Recent Alumni


Andrew Juarez
Nickname: Marty McFly
Candidate Class: Beta Xi (BΞ)
Major: Computer Science
Instrument: Trumpet, Sousaphone
Past Offices: Parliamentarian (2016)
Treasurer (2013-2014, 2016)
Historian (2014-2015)
President (2015-2016)

The Chairpersons of Zeta Xi

The following are people in charge of a chair in a currently standing Zeta Xi committee. For information on how to contact them, please see their contact in the above profiles.

Service: Not in session.

Recruitment: Keala

Fundraising: Duncan Hammit

Jurisdiction: Laura

SD4 Chair: Zenia