Chapter Awards

Chapter Distance Award-1979, 1985

Top Ten Award-1985

NIB Participation Award-1985

Chapter Leadership Award Finalist– 1991

TBS Tiger Award– 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

For Community’s Sake Award- 2010

The History of Zeta Xi
  • In August 1977, Gary Zive attended the National Intercollegiate Band (N.I.B.) during the National Convention at UCLA. After returning, he spoke with Nancy Bates (now Gaines), and they decided to form a colony. Professor Charles Yates agreed to be the chapter sponsor for both groups.
  • On December 16, 1978, Eta Mu and Zeta Xi were installed. In their first year, the chapter held a reception for Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble, hosted the Glendale Community College Band, and held the first band camp BBQ, which has become a band camp tradition.
  • In September 1981, Joe Acciani took over as chapter sponsor for both groups.
  • In September 1982, Charles Friedrichs became the chapter sponsor for both groups. Our 1981-82 Constitution is available online for those interested in seeing what’s changed (a little) and what’s stayed the same (a lot).
  • In May 1980, the joint chapters hosted the District II convention. The joint chapters again hosted the District II convention in 1986.
  • In 1987, at the National Convention at University of Michigan, it was decided that the existing districting of the organization should be changed. As a result, District II, of which SDSU was a part, was dissolved, and Districts I and II and part of District III were combined to form the new Western District.
  • On April 30, 1988, the Iota Alpha and Eta Omega chapters were installed at California State University at Fresno,
  • The joint chapters hosted the Western District State Day in 1993. In the same year that we celebrated our 15th anniversary.
  • In July 1993, the chapters hosted the first Fourth of July weekend, which was spearheaded by Jim Rowland.
  • At the 1993 National Convention at Purdue University, Jean Newman, an alumnus of Zeta Xi, was elected as Tau Beta Sigma National President.
  • In April 1997 the joint chapters hosted the Western District Convention at the Mission Valley Marriott, here in San Diego.
  • In February 1998, Bryan Ransom
  • The chapters once again hosted the California State Day on from March 20-22 in 1998.
  • The chapters reached their 20th anniversary on December 16, 1998 and celebrated by holding an instrumental Christmas caroling group on December 16 and a semi-formal banquet on January 29, 1999.
  • At the 1999 National Convention in St. Louis, Zeta Xi alumnus Judy Krech received the Wava Banes Turner award in recognition for outstanding and continued service to ΤΒΣ.
  • In 2000, the chapters bidded for, and were awarded, the publication of The Accent for the 2000-2001 period.
  • The chapters hosted their 10th Annual Fourth of July Extravaganza, known as “SD-4”.
  • In 2003, financial pressures at San Diego State University and the CSU system in general, threatened to cancel the Marching Aztecs funding. While awaiting the fate of the program, the combined chapters hosted the 2003 Western District Convention on March 28-30 at the Doubletree Hotel in Mission Valley, having won their bid in the previous year. By the end of the Spring semester, support for a dramtic increase in funding for the Marching Aztecs had been found. At the same time, Mr. Bryan Ransom became Director of the Marching Band.
  • At the 2003 National Convention, Jean Newman was elected to the Tau Beta Sigma Board of Trustees.
  • In Fall of 2003, the chapters initiated the 11 members of the first class in the Beta sequence, Beta Alpha.
  • The chapters observed the 25th Anniversary of their founding in January 2004, after a concerted push to locate as many alumni and charter members as possible. The banquet event was held at Montezuma Hall, on the SDSU campus. The next month, the chapters hosted the California State Day (yet again), and later in the semester bid for and won the rights to production The Accent. That summer, the 13th Annual SD4 was held at a new central location for the first time since Jim and Wanda Rowland’s move to Ramona.
  • In Spring of 2005, the chapters underwent discussion with the National Headquarters in regards to our unorthodox, but authorized, constitutional arrangement.
  • At the 2005 National Convention, Jean Newman was elected Chair of the Tau Beta Sigma Board of Trustees.
  • In April of 2005, the chapters of Eta Mu and Zeta Xi reorganized slightly by adopting separate constitutions for the first time. The previous (combined) constitution became the basis for our Joint Bylaws.
  • In June of 2006, the Eta Mu chapter was dissolved, after nearly 27 years of service to the campus.
  • In September of 2006, the remaining eligible membership reorganized the Zeta Xi chapter under a new constitution and continued to uphold the traditions of the Fraternity and Sorority by providing enthusiastic service to the Marching Aztecs and the San Diego State University band program.
  • In July of 2016, Zeta Xi held it’s 25th Annual SD4 with a change of housing. Annually hosted at alumni Japheth Cleaver’s home, Zeta Xi organized a housing network to accommodate for all that attended SD4. This was a change to the many SD4 events hosted before.